Job Provider Registration Details

1. Job Provider / Employer account will be activated online either through his mobile with the help of नौकरी कार्ड or via click2jobs aap ( Available On Android Store )
2. After account activation employer will be able to download Max 60 candidate’s details from Our website at the same Job Provider / employers can search candidates by sending SMS to 7870123456 thereafter details of the candidates will automatically send through our system to The Job Provider / employer on his registered mobile number.
3. Job Provider will be able to post urgent requirement during validity period & after posting the Requirement candidate will contact employer within a specific time period.
4. Job Provider will able to post 4 urgent requirement during validity per job posting Job Provider will get response from mimum 20-40 no of candidates.
5. Job Provider can also post urgent requirement online or through his registered mobile number Also.
6. Vaidity for the above facility will available for 3 Month's , 1 Year & Unlimited Period or after getting 60 Candidate details or 30 SMS which ever is earlier.